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Wow!  We did a lot of school today!  Well, at least E and I did.  K kind of wandered in an out, but that’s okay.

E was on fire for reading today and we did a ton of work.  I’m so excited to see how far she has progressed in a few weeks.  She knows her first set of sight words very well (I, a, the, and, see) and she is also doing well on her first word families -at words (cat, hat, etc) and -an words (man, pan, etc). We did a lot of reinforcement work on these and you can follow along in the photos below.  We’ll start new words next week!

We have been focusing on math activities this week too.  We’ve done a lot of puzzles including the number puzzle with peg holes you’ll see in the photos.  E put the numbers into the top number holders out of order, this was easy for her.  Then she attached the blue tops to the yellow bottoms with the matching pin holes.  She had to work a little harder for this counting the holes on the cards higher than 5, but still she did it without any help, then K worked on putting the pins into the holes.  She did fine, but wandered off after only a couple cards.

Also for math we’ve done several pattern matching projects, simple two color patterns.  Again, these were easy for E but gives us a good launching point for more complicated patterns.

Well, take a look at our photos, these were all from today!

Number PuzzleNumber Puzzle PinsPattern 1Pattern completePost-It Sight WordsPost-It Sight Words 2One-to-Oneread-trace-pasteglue-lettersGlue Letters 2

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