A great night, a good week

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I haven’t been online much this week because we’ve been on the go everyday it seems. But overall it’s been a good week and I’ll post some pictures to show what we’ve done soon.

I did want to take a moment to write down the events of tonight though, so I can look back and mind myself there are happy moments when the winter blahs set in. So we had an okay morning school wise. E put up a bit of a fight when I wanted to read our literature book (Mr Popper’s Penguins)…while swinging in the hammock on a beautiful sunny morning.I pulled out a trump card “do your school time now so we can go to the pool this afternoon or go play now, but then we’ll do school this afternoon and miss the pool.” Although she did show a little grumpy attitude she did join Katie and I in the hammock and we finished out chapter 2. It only took about 5 minutes and I decided to keep things light and positive and put the book away .

Then we moved to the patio table to work on our We Choose Virtues coloring sheet. This week’s virtue is Diligent: I start fast, work hard, and finish strong.” We read this catch-phrase each morning as part of our calendar time. I’ve been suggesting to Katie for some time to practice coloring i.Side the lines….but she’s not interested yet. E spent ate a while coloring on hers and I even got to color my own which was a lot of fun for me.

After all this we were in a school groove so we went up to the playroom/schoolroom add th date to our calendar and review our readings words.E and K took turns being the teacher and we had a good time while getting some review work done

Anyway, this really only took us about an hour and 15 minutes but we finished school for the day anyway…somehow we did a ton more school in snatches of moments throughout the day. E read 3 easy reader books on he way to he pool, we listened to Mozart and our Hymn CD while driving, all good things, but the best was after dinner when I asked E if she wanted to help clean or do homework and she excited replied “both!” so after vacuuming the rug I gave her a handwriting worksheet, en she asked for more so I gave her a math worksheet, then she asked for more, so I gave her another handwriting worksheet, and again, she asked for more, so I gave one second math worksheet, then when I was ushering her to bed she asked for something to work on in her bed so I gave her a drawing workbook and she drew a pig!

I’m writing all this out not because I think I’m great at this, I’m not. I spent quite a while in tears on Tuesday night because I was so beaten down by the day, but I want to document this one great moment so on those bad days I can look back remember that moments like these are possible and real and if I relax a bit they will hopefully happen again.

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