Getting into routine 9/7/12

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I can hardly believe that we have completed week 3 already! We’re starting to get into a rhythm but still not up to a full schedule yet….well if you define that by classes at least. Thankfully we met with our supervising teacher ┬áthis week and she made me feel good about what we’ve been doing so it must be enough. Mainly I’d hoped to do math and reading every day and we did manage that once this week but it seems more like alternating days.

I suppose I’m not too stressed about it yet because both subjects are going well. Elizabeth picked up a new Biscuit book this week and was able to read it with only a little help! Hooray! Math has been very easy for Elizabeth I hitch I hope is setting a good foundation for her and not that she will freak out when it does become harder. Only time will tell.

Katie still isn’t interested in participating in school time which is disappointing. On Thursday she was very distracting but better today. Though better might be a stretch since i had her in the tub for much of our class time since she had spent some time coloring her entire body before breakfast. I’d hoped we were done with that phase. All well, at least having her in the tub gave E and I some nice uninterrupted time to work.

One of our highlights from the week was a field trip to Homeschool Day at Living History Farms. Last year we did a monthly story time at the farms and were able to tour a few parts of the museum but Wednesday was our first time doing the full tour. I wasn’t sure what to expect but both girls did awesome! I expected to be there for only the morning but in the end I think we spent over 6 hours there! Their favorite activities were doing the laundry with a washboard and sweeping in the broom makers shop. Such fun! I was surprised by how many people were there, it bordered on crowded! We were able to spend sometime with local friends but spent much of the afternoon exploring on our own.

And Thursday afternoon Elizabeth participated in her first homeschool art class. Since Katie is too young, she and I helped in the nursery while Elizabeth did the class on her own. This was also bigger than I expected with 25 students. She did bring Happy Bear with her but did great with the new environment, teacher, following directions, etc. this is a monthly program and she us already looking forward to the next class. It took about 45 minutes but Katie did warm up to some of the girls in the nursery and we played some ring around the rosy and duck duck goose. Its good for her to make her own friends.

That pretty much sums things up, check out our pictures for more fun!

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