Not many check marks 10/5/12

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Last week ended up a nice week, though my calendar doesn’t show as many check marks as usual. Monday I felt sick all day so the girls pretty much played and watched PBS Kids all day long.  But on the up-side they were very self-reliant and that is a great skill. Dad did get in a little of his read aloud story at bedtime (Chronicles of Narnia) so at least there was that check mark for the day!

Tuesday is Katie’s dance class so Elizabeth and I had a little time to ourselves and we spent it doing some various math and reading out at the park and then she asked if she could draw leaves.  She picked one off  the ground and then drew a great picture paying  a lot of attention to where it had already started to turn brown. (See picture). Math is still going great and reading is coming along.

Wednesday falls into the category of “life skills.”  The girls’ room and playroom was such a mess and it was driving me C-R-A-Z-Y so we spent about 3 hours of the day sorting and organizing bins of toys, markers and books.  It was so beautiful when we were done.  We did sneak in some school by reading picture books from the library, we listened to an audio recording of Little House on the Prairie on our way to and from the park, and did a math lesson after dinner. So I did sneak in some check marks that day. PS Katie got her hair cut too.  Still trying to even out her “self cut” this summer.

Thursday was hardly at home, but that’s a good thing!  It also started out painfully early.  Something woke up Elizabeth at 4:30 and somehow that got us all awake.  Believe it or not, Elizabeth stayed away for the entire day going to bed around 8.  Katie and I were able to sneak in a nap. But there was a lot to keep her awake.  We started out the day checking out a new co-op group that meets at a church about 15 minutes away.  This co-op has about 10 families and focuses on kids age 3-6. The girls are in the same group and they had gym time (Elizabeth won the second game of Simon Says!), art time, and story time.  It was a really nice hour-and-half and I look forward to getting to know these families more this year.  The group meets 3 times a month.  Then following that Elizabeth attended her once-a-month art class.  This class far exceeds her current ability, but she seems to really like it so we’ll keep going.  This month they talked about monochromatic color schemes and painted a city skyline.

Then Friday we finally had a “normal” school day.  We are getting very close to finishing Mr Popper’s Penguins and spent some time catching up on our history book (Leif the Lucky) and our geography book (Tree in the Trail).  Elizabeth and I worked through another math lesson and then we spent over an hour reading library books.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up as we were blessed to be able to watch two young friends (5 months and 2 years old) while their parents were on a trip.  Oh my, I’ve forgotten how tiring the young ages are, but it really was a great weekend and it couldn’t have gone better.  Except now Elizabeth keeps asking for us to get a real baby to keep.  uhhh….

Anyway, enjoy some pics. Until next week…




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