Another good week! 9/27/12

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Its been another good week around here. Yippee! Still, not a lot of photographs of the daily learning though. I like having them to look through, I hope to remember to take more pictures next week.

More of the same ‘ol stuff here. Elizabeth is flying through her Math program (I love Rightstart Math!). It uses a lot of different manipulatives such as the abacus and a geoboard (board with a lot of pins for patterning) and today we used a geo-reflector so talk about the line of symmetry. I wish the picture had turned out, she had the most astonished look on her face when she saw the reflection of the shapes we had folded in half – they looked whole again!

We’ve been spending this week reviewing our reading lessons from the previous weeks (Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson, as part of Simply Charlotte Mason’s Delightful Reading – LOVE this too!). Part of the lesson is to take the words in the poem and use the work endings to find other works, (i.e. rain, main, pain, etc). We’ve been reviewing these other words and its been harder for her than I expected so I think we’ll keep reviewing these words before going on to the next section of the reading program. I love this part of homeschooling! We are able to move at double-speed in math and half-speed for reading and its all the perfect rate.

Still doing dance and soccer and we also completed another lesson from our DVD Art Lessons. In the lesson they learned about VanGogh and then made a sunflower picture by cutting, tracing, tearing, gluing and painting. It was a time consuming lesson, but fun for all of us.

Thursday afternoon we baked an apple pie which finished out our book of the week How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World (FIAR). It was super yum and the girls did a nice job taking turns, getting out and putting away ingredients and Elizabeth worked hard to read the recipe! A great lesson that ended up out of simply wanting to make an apple pie.

Tomorrow we have two park dates so a lot of car schooling is in the plan. Excited to meet up with other homeschoolers from our church in the morning and then to play with our new friend Ella we met last week. Hope the girls hit it off again, and hope Katie enjoys playing with Ella’s baby brother.

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