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I had big plans…but not quite what I expected.

I wanted to incorporate large motor and outdoor time into our everyday schedule.  Since Dad is a big runner, I thought it seemed like a perfect fit to add a “running club” to our day.  One quick run around the block each day before lunch. Piece of cake, right?

Yeah…that hasn’t panned out.  E4 does not want to run.  The first day I suggested it she whined about the idea until I finally gave in and we just played outside.  The next day though I held firm.  We made it about 1/4 around the block before she gave up and just started walking.  No about of encouraging, challenging, teasing, could make her pick up the pace.

What did we do? We ordered new sparkly running shoes.  Then of course, E4 wouldn’t go running until the new shoes arrived, which they did, today.  So of course, we went running.  This time we took a dog with us.  Nothing like an energetic Springer Spaniel to keep you moving.  So, we made it even less than 1/4 of the way around the block before she insisted on walking.  K3 and I made the block in a slow jog.  And the pup had a great time.  But I need some ideas on how to help E4 get on board.  ‘Cause I was really looking forward to becoming a running family complete with a rainbow colored collection of 5K t-shirts.

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