What’d we do today 8/31/11

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Our day started out a bumpy.  We started school late (probably more my fault than girls) and then E4 just wasn’t interested.  That said, once we got going, we had a really good day.

9:00 am Circle Time

  • Prayer (I was sincerely praying while my oldest was just outside the doorway screaming)
  • Bible story: Genesis 2
    Actually, I read this twice.  E4 came in about 1/2 way through the story and at the end said, read it again so I can hear the beginning.  My initial (silent) reaction was “no way kid, you missed it” then I realized my child just asked me to read the Bible to her so DUH mom, take 3 minutes and read it again!
  • Calendar
  • Bible verse.  Philippians 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    This was all we got done in circle time today.  Girls were all over the room so we just moved on to work boxes.

9:15 am Work boxes

  • Used watercolor paints to paint a drawing of a duck (FIAR The Story About Ping)
  • K3 matched pipe cleaners (I think these are called chenille stems now) by color to a print out of kites and then matching beads.  Until we got to the white kite, then I just let her put on any color she wanted.  I wanted E4 to work on a pattern of beads yellow, white, yellow white on an orange pipe cleaner (thinking “duck” colors).  Yeah, this didn’t go so well.  She wanted a kite like her sister, and not just any kite, the pink one her sister was working on.  Hmmm… guess I need to plan better to have them both do the Letter of the Week activities. By the way, these Kite printouts are from the amazing Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • E4 worked on sight words.  This doesn’t seem to be sinking in for her.  Granted, its only been about 5 days, but I can tell she is only guessing on what the word is.  So, today I had her match her “caterpillar” words on our magnetic white board to the magnetic letters and then use a dry erase pen to write the words.  I learned that we need to work on writing lower case letters after this.  But she did the exercise and its a good baseline for the future. The circles are from Moffat Girls Ready2Read Level 1.

10:00 FIAR Science

  • Wednesdays are our science day.  We did a FIAR Science project to go along with The Story About Ping book.  It was pretty cool and found it here on Homeschool Share. So we made a prediction about what would sink and what would float in a pan of water.  I let the girls take turns making the predictions.  K3 didn’t get this at all and mostly wandered away, but E4 was really interested and it was fun watching her face as she tested each object (penny, pencil, rubber ball, etc).

10:30 Sid the Science Kid

  • I had a great suggestion from a friend to watch Sid the Science Kid (its a PBS show but we watched it on Netflix) and then to do the same experiment that Sid does in his preschool.  So today we watched episode 4 (I think) of the Change Happens season about how heat changes things.  In the episode Sid takes apples and turns them into applesauce.  So we took 3 apples from our Apple Orchard field trip yesterday and did the same.
    • First, peel and cut up apples into chunks.  We used 3 apples.
    • Then we took turns trying to smoosh the apples with a potato masher.  (Can you believe that my computer is telling me smoosh isn’t a word?)
    • Then we added the water, sugar, and cinnamon and put everything into a medium sized saucepan.  I mashed while on the stove and in about 5 minutes it seemed ready to let the kids see how it had changed.  It was still chunky, but the lesson worked for the kids and they all took several turns mashing the warm applesauce.  Then we ate it!I couldn’t find an “official” Sid the Science Kid recipe so we just made one up and it turned out fine.  We used 3 apples, about a tablespoon of sugar, about 1/4 water and then I let the kids each have a turn shaking in cinnamon.Note, we had a friend over today for our Sid the Science Kid time and then had a great picnic lunch and playtime at the park and both kids are now napping.  Ahh…what a nice treat for mom.  Think that praying thing was heard this morning, thanks God!

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